This was such a cool personal project to work on! I was watching Osro's animation course (which I highly recommend, he is one of my animation heroes), and noticed how he varies frame durations in his favor. I am used to animating in 2s, 3s or 4s, but I rarely use them together. This project was a great way of practicing that technique, which I think opens a whole world of possibilities when used well.
My initial inspiration when drawing the style frames for this was recreational drugs (I know, cliche), but since I was doing this in my free time in between gigs, it took a couple months. In the meantime, I was treating my anxiety and was very reluctant to start taking pills. I eventually came to terms with it and made major progress on my mental health while still working on this gif. It was a very interesting experience, and even though the action in the animation is still pretty much the same as I had first visualized, the way I was feeling while working on it and what the gif meant to me changed completely.
rough animation process
final gif
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